I'm Leaving Twitter

by Mike Shea on 20 November 2022

With 46,600 followers, and more than four thousand #dnd tips posted daily for 12 years, I've decided to stop posting to the Sly Flourish Twitter account. While I can't get myself to fully deactivate the account, I can, at least, stop feeding the broken machine.

If you want to follow the work I do for D&D on Sly Flourish, the best ways to do so are to

If you want to talk to me directly email me at mike@slyflourish.com.

You can also download an archive of my D&D tips released under a creative commons license.

Many people aren't in a position to easily walk away from Twitter. For some, it's their only platform and their only voice. For many it was the only way for a marginalized voice to speak against corrupt corporate practices and corrupt people in positions of power and be heard.

Times have changed.

Advice is bullshit but I'll offer some anyway:

If you're a creator on Twitter and you're not seeking new, open, and transferrable platforms, it isn't going to get better for you.

Here are some transferrable platforms I recommend: