Chapter 4: The Ring of Scale

Loral was returning from his adventures in the desert of Ro when he heard the horrible news about the kidnapping of the young maiden, Fironia Vie. While the clerics of the church of Tunare did not answer directly to King Thex of Felwithe, Loral took a personal interest in the return of the Elven princess. Rumor had it that she was personally blessed by Tunare, and this fact alone gave Loral the drive to help in her rescue.

After meeting with his mentor, Ciric, in Felwithe he made the decision to explore Kunark and attempt to find the young maiden. He also wished to learn more of the Iksar people. He had heard of King Thex's wrath towards the Iksar prisoner, but he personally felt that the king acted rash and that you could not denounce an entire race for the actions of one group.

Ciric left the city of Felwithe along with Loral and they split up at the docks of Butcherblock. Ciric was returning to the church of light in Quenos to find more information on these new lands while Loral was going to visit the lands himself.

After an explosive introduction to Kunark, Loral had many adventures in the land. He spent some time fighting for the newly formed city of Vie (named from the young missing maiden) against the scourge of the nearby giants of the Kromdek. During these times he ran into the occasional Sarnak, a dragon-like creature that stood on two legs and fought like a man. He tracked down a particular faction of these creatures, known as the Kly, to a crypt in the lands of Warslick Woods. Along with his adventuring group he managed to battle his way down through the caverns of this dungeon and meet up with the Kly Imprecator, an ancient Sarnack that had acted as the servant to Dalnir a millennia ago. After a bloody battle with the Kly, Loral discovered a note discussing the young Koada'dal maiden, Feronia Vie, and was signed by the Circle of Scale.

Loral met back up with Ciric in Quenos, after traveling back to the lands of Antonica and learned that the Circle of Scale was an ancient alliance of the greater dragons of Norrath. Some of these great beasts stormed in the open lands of Kunark, but most were secluded in their lairs deep within the earth including a legendary land known as Veeshan's Peaks, where it was rumored the inner lords of the Circle of Scale resided.

With the help of the leader of Healers United, Dahlea, Loral found himself in a small army that was going to slay the great red dragon, Nagafin. After the epic battle against Lord Nagafen, Loral found little to help discover the location of Feronia, except to hear of another land, undiscovered in thousands of years known as Velious. A land still ruled by the great dragons and giants that made their homes there in the beginning of time.

Shortly thereafter, Loral was asked to join a raiding party who would be going after Lady Vox, Nagafen's mate. While the war party Loral joined had no problem battling the goblins who had moved into the fortress of Permafrost a millennia ago, and even defeated the Ice Giants who protected Vox, treachery was afoot.

The priest of Nagafin, a fire giant emissary of the red dragon had warned Lady Vox of the impending attack and she was prepared. She froze half the soldiers with her icy breath upon entering the great cavern and those that remained standing ran in sheer terror from the beast. Her giant guards who had stood in wait pounced on the fleeing warriors and crushed them with boulder, feet and fists. Loral managed to escape along with a few others from the ambush and later helped to heal the wounded who made it out. Wizards and druids helped those trapped in the icy caverns to escape from the clutches of the giants. Vox laughed her horrible icy laugh as the party scrambled away.

Loral continued his exploration of Kunark, searching for more information on the Circle of Scale, and the mysterious lich-king of Kunark, Venril Sather who's name is whispered by the dying Lycanthrope's outside of Karnor's Castle, where Loral currently hunts.