Chapter 14: The Letter

A strange note is delivered to you sealed with the crest of the Clerics of Tunare. You open the note and find the following message written in the handwriting of Loral Ciriclight.

Ungdin was just like us. He was a loving husband and father of three children. He was a worshiper of his God. He was a merchant and miner. But unlike us, he was a Coldain. Unlike the other Coldains, he didn't live secretly behind the vast mountain caverns. He lived in a small hut on the outskirts of the Eastern Wastes, mining for Velium in the mountains. One day, he came back to his hut after a hard and long day of mining to find his life completely upturned. His wife and his children had been murdered. His hut had been ransacked and all his possessions looted. What beasts would do such a thing to a simple dwarven miner?

The Kromrif of Kael Drakkal.

For a thousand years the Kromrif have kept the kindly dwarven nation of Thurgadin in hiding. Their every move brings pain and misery. It is only a matter of time before all nations of Norrath will face the threat of the Kromrif. As nobles of the most honorable guild in Norrath, I ask all the Healers to join me in this war against Kael. Join the Coldain and the Claws of Veeshan as allies against the Kromrif. Battle the vile giants, not the little people or the scaled children of Veeshan. Their strength mixed with our own can be the key to our success.

As a guild our strength lies with each other. If we choose to battle the giants instead of the Coldain or the claws of Veeshan, we can acquire greater treasure and further our travels into the wastelands of Velious. Portals that would otherwise be completely closed to us will open with loving arms. Quests for treasures beyond our imagination will be achievable. And more importantly, we will be doing the right thing.

Ungdin now mines within the city of Thurgadin, down in the dark tunnels below. He has managed to rebuild his life as a miner, but not a day goes by where he doesn't miss his wife and children. Help avenge their death and help the Coldain in their eternal struggle with these monsters. Help yourselves in the process by allowing us safe passage through Thurgadin, Skyshrine, Wakening Lands and Cobalt Scar. Help yourselves by opening up the treasures of the Temple of Veeshan.

Help us all by proving that we are truly Healer "United".

Your friend,

Loral Ciriclight
Cleric of Tunare


The time has come for our guild to decide whether we should support the Coldain, the Kromrif or the Claws of Veeshan. My recommendation based on my experiences in Velious and from the information I have gathered from many of the Everquest web sites is to support both the Coldain and the Claws of Veeshan factions and fight the Kromrif in Kael.

There are a few reasons for this. Our guild is more likely to be successful on the Thurgadin quests than the Kael quests since the corroded armor drops in Kael. If we do manage to get to the point where we can achieve Kael armor by hunting in the Temple of Veeshan, we can also achieve the Skyshrine quests which results in better armor overall.

If our Claws of Veeshan faction is higher, it is far easier to travel to the western zones of Velious including Wakening Lands, Cobalt Scar, Sirins Grotto, Western Wastes, Dragon Necropolis, and the Temple of Veeshan. With bad Claws faction, travel in these zones is almost impossible.

The teleport locations in Wakening Lands and Colbalt Scar are almost totally cut off if you damage your Claws of Veeshan faction, limiting your ability to travel within velious.

My plan is to run many raids and events in these areas. If your faction follows the plan above, we can have many great adventures in these lands. If not, you may not be able to attend these events.

Ally yourself with the Coldain Dwarves of Thurgadin, the children of Veeshan in Skyshrine and battle the vile Kromrif of Kael and you will be doing a service to your guild and all of Norrath.