Raiders Guide to North Kael

A noble spy of Tunare gave his life so that the following information could be used by the Mother to protect the Plane of Growth from the Kromif. This guide will help to illuminate the mysterious area of Northern Kael. It covers the area of the Arena and the Temple of Rallos Zek. This guide can be used by any raiding party attempting to attack the Arena or Temple areas and is broken up by these areas.


The map below shows the layout of the northern areas of Kael. The red dots represent mob locations, the blue dots show possible camping sites for your raiding party to pull from. The map can be clicked on to show various screenshots of locations.

Preparing for Battle

In order to plan a successful raid of Northern Kael, one must have a proper force to attack. All players should be of level 50 or higher. How many groups and what types of classes you have available will decide how far you may go into the area.

Northern Kael is broken up by two areas. One is the Arena and the other is the Temple of Rallos Zek. The Arena can be raided by three groups or more of lower 50s. The temple requires many more and / or much higher level players.

Anatomy of a Giant

The only main thing to remember with giants is that crowd control is very hard. Giants cannot be mezzed or stunned, so if you pull more than one, you will be fighting them all. A good plan is to have one of your groups work on fighting one while all the other groups attack the other. This way, it won't assist or heal and won't get behind your war party and start killing the wrong players. It is possible to charm the giants and get them to battle eachother, but this could turn into a suicide mission for the enchanter casting it. Also, there is a limit of what level mob an enchanter can charm.

Getting In

The fastest way to get your raid underway is to have everyone invis and head to the northern cavern before the Arena area. This can be done easily from the Wakening Lands zone and can prevent about a dozen kills that aren't really necessary. Once there you will have to pull the four giants, Guards (45) and Senior Guards (50+), in pairs from the archway that leads to the Arena area. There is one roamer in this cavern as well, generally a Senior Guard. Once these have been killed, two more Guards sit inside alcoves behind the walls. These can be pulled one at a time. Directly behind the archways are wanderers, so watch out for them as well. Be prepared to fight these two at a time. At this point, you are inside the Arena.

The Arena

There are two ways into the Arena area, the front and the back. The front will take you into the stands, where you will have to pull roughly six or seven mid level giants (about level 45 to 51). Since these are all in the stands, you are probably better off leaving these alone as they don't help you to pull the bigger mobs.

The back door can be reached by heading around the left side of the arena and up the ramp. On the way to the ramp you will encounter roughly four Guards. Once you head up the ramp, you will be at the northern courtyard of the Arena area. This large courtyard also has many static and roaming mobs including Guards, Senior Guards, Legionnaires and Adjudant, so be careful on your pulls and don't stay here too long or you will be fighting lower mobs all night.

Here you can make a decision, either you are heading into the Arena or heading to the Temple of Zek. Only if you have two or three groups of heavy 55+ players should you try to go either into the back of the Arena or into the Temple area. The mobs there will simply destroy teams that are smaller.

Back Entrance to Arena, The Priests of Zek

Take your group to one of the two northern corners of the zone and pull the guards from around the Arena entrance. Make sure to avoid the five giants towards the north that guard the area leading to the Temple of Zek. Once these are pulled and killed, you have a difficult battle. Inside the door leading into the Arena are three Protectors of Zek. These mobs can be up to level 56 and will complete heal themselves or others. They are closely grouped so pulling them will be very difficult. More info on killing these three mobs is needed.

The Protectors of Zek are from level 56 to 58. They cannot be stunned or mezzed and hit for around 350 a shot. Two of them will quickly kill up to 12 people before getting debuffed enough to handle. With the amount of damage they deal, your clerics will have significant difficultly healing as much damage as your tanks are taking. Pulling these mobs individually is also a problem. Even an experienced monk will take so much damage so quickly, it might be impossible to break them up into single pulls. A three person team of feigners might be able to properly break them down, but more needs to be seen to properly figure out this strategy.

To the left and right of that initial entrance are small rooms with three mobs inside. These mobs include one named cleric, either Semkak Prophet of Vallon or Gkrean Prophet of Tallon, and two Clerics or Priests of Zek. Here again, I am not sure of the best way to pull these mobs as they are very closely grouped and very powerful. Once pulled, a possible good camping spot would be in the corner of these rooms, far enough away from the spawning point to continue to pull the priests as they repop.

Back in the hallway are ramps that lead down to the Arena floor. Inside these ramps are gladiators and named giants. Their level is unknown.

Cavern to Temple of Zek

If you choose to fight your way to the Temple of Zek, you must make sure to ignore and avoid the giants guarding the Arena. Pulling too many can end up taking all of your time and you will never be able to move. To the north of the Arena is a large archway with a transparent wall. Inside that archway are seven mobs. Two guards (Veterans or others around 56) face each other in two alcoves flanking the archway. Three mobs, one named (level 58) and two Protectors of Zek (level 56), guard the archway facing the Arena. The two guards in the alcoves can be pulled individually and the three others can be pulled in pairs if done correctly. You will have to fight one of the Protectors at the same time as the large named one, so be ready to hold off both mobs at the same time.

To the left and right of the large ice wall are halls leading to the bridge area. Inside of these halls are two more guards, generally lower level.

The bridge has three wandering mobs, one of them is Derakor the Vindicator, a very tough level 65 giant and two level 58 Temple Guardians. They always travel in a tight group, so you cannot pull only one of them. Only if you have a very powerful raiding party should you attempt this battle.

The temple itself has two level 60+ Guardians of Zek to the left and right of the entrance that can possibly be avoided if careful, but are easy to take out one at a time.

There are two doors that lead into the temple. The only guards are in the main temple hall, so you can safely enter this hallway and set up your pulling camp within the hall. There is a single door to the north, in the middle of the U shaped hall that leads to the temple proper. Within the temple proper are two level 60+ Guardians of Zek on the left and right that might only be pulled in pairs and at the back of the hall is the Statue of Rallos Zek. The statue can be guarded by two level 58 Armors of Zek. It is rumored that the statue is protected by Zek himself, so be careful even if you do manage to defeat it, you might have surprise coming.

That covers the basics of raiding this area of the city of Kael. Much of the information here is based on raiding experiences and from the spy mentioned earlier. It is not totally accurate, but is based on best guesses. Below is a list of external resources for information about mobs, maps and loot.