Loral's Custom User Interface

The Interface Downloads


How to install

Here are some better instructions

  1. Locate your Everquest UI directory. It is either under "c:\program files\Everquest\uifiles" or under "c:\Program Files\Sony\Everquest\uifiles".
  2. Download either UI by right clicking on the links in the first paragraph, click on "Save" and save it to your Everquest/uifiles directory.
  3. Click on "My Computer" and navigate to your uifiles directory.
  4. Create a new directory inside "uifiles" called "new".
  5. If you are upgrading your UI, please delete all other files inside the "new" directory. Some UI upgrades remove old files that will corrupt your UI install.
  6. Extract all files from loral_ui.zip or loral_ui_minimal.zip to the "new" directory.
  7. Check that inside the "new" subdirectory are about eight to eighteen files, most called EQUI_something.xml. If not repeat step 3.
  8. Start Everquest as you normally would.
  9. When inside the game world, type "/loadskin new 1". This should load up the new UI you created above. Errors are normal as long as the UI loads. You can tell if your group window includes player, target, and group info.
  10. Move windows by clicking in their background or on their edges and place as accordingly.


Minimal UI Features

For more user interface choices visit EQ Interface and visit the T-King forums to see the excellent artwork most of these user interface changes were based on.