Spell Tips: Divine Aura

No greater ability ever bestowed upon the clerics of Norrath is as powerful as Divine Aura. This is the only single spell given to a cleric that will stay in their spell slot for their entire career. Divine Aura will render the caster true invulnerability for eighteen seconds at a cost of 20 mana and with a one second casting time. Here are a few tips and tricks to using this very powerful spell.

Feather Fall: While monks might be practitioners of the safe fall, clerics are truly the master. No matter how high you are, if you can cast this spell before you begin your fall, you will land taking no damage. Consider the mobs of the Aviak village in the penthouse. Should your party pull far more than it can handle, you can simply cast Divine Aura, jump off the side, drop the spell and gate before the mobs can reach you.

Lose the Agro: While a few mobs will stay on and beat you while the Divine Aura is up, many will simply turn away and attack other members of your party. Should you accidentally blast a bit too much or just cast a word of healing that cured about 2500 points of health, you can use this spell to get the mobs off of you and back onto the fighters where they belong.

Hotkey it: Here's a way to bind Divine Aura to a dedicated key of your choice. Make a social called aura. Inside the social type "cast 8". Make sure Divine Aura is always in slot 8 of your spell gems. Now drag the social over to your hot menu to a dedicated slot like the last slot on the right (slot 10). Finally, go into the keyboard configuration and set the user 10 command to a key you can reach easily from your basic movement keys. You can add a couple of emotes or group messages to this social as well, informing your party that you are currently under the protection of your diety.

WARNING: Evac Buster! While Divine Aura may make you feel like a God for 15 seconds, it can sometimes create some horrible side effects. Divine will stop any effect that is cast on you including your own parties protection, healing or teleportation spells. If you really need a heal or an evac is coming, make sure to right click the spell off, so that you will go with the rest of them instead of being all alone with a stack of mobs on you. Remember, you are in control of the duration of the spell, you do not need to wait the whole 18 seconds to drop it, just right click the spell in your buff box and away it goes.

Mana sink your opponent in a dual: One of my personal favorites is to dual another caster in the Arena. As soon as you start the fight, throw up the divine aura and watch the caster burn half his mana before realizing that you are unaffected. While they are burning it, go up and /rude them for an extra effect.

Kite Trakanon: This one was a rumor I heard. The cleric leader of a large guild apparently uses Divine Aura to pull Trakanon, away from the initial teams that invade his lair. Even Traknons 1200 per tick poison breath and 550 triple attack has no effect when protected by this mighty spell. While Trakanon is busy hammering on the protected cleric, the rest can pull away his Sebilite Protector and make the future battle a little easier.

So remember, keep this little gem of a spell memorized and it might not only save your life but impress your friends as well.