About Loral Ciriclight

Loral Ciriclight is a level 70 High-Elf Cleric in the guild Healers United on the Quellious server. Loral is played by Mike Shea.

Loral Ciriclight, high priest of Tunare, officer and recruitment coordinator of Healers United, and traveler of the Quellious server, was born on 10 May 2000. In over five years, Loral has traveled the world of Norrath and recorded his adventures and thoughts along the way.

On this site, one will find tales of Loral's adventures, storys of the world of Norrath, and non-fiction editorials for the Everquest websites, Mobhunter and Caster's Realm.

In late 2000, Loral joined the guild Healers United after finding their philosophy of helping the adventurers of Norrath over one's own goals and objectives a new and refreshing way to visit games like Everquest. In early 2001, Loral became an officer, high elder, and recruitment coordinator for Healers United. Since 2001, Loral has led weekly Monday-night buffing events at the Greater Faydark wizard spires for all players to receive free buffs, healings, and assistance from Healers United.

In early 2004, Loral became the lead writer for the Everquest editorial website, Mobhunter. Loral stepped back and wrote about the whole concept, theory, and operation of Everquest, focusing his editorials on the issues most effecting most Everquest players. In May of 2004, Loral was invited to attend the first Everquest Summit, a gathering of the top Everquest guild leaders and community representatives to meet with Sony Online Entertainment and discuss the future of the game. Since then, Loral attended two other Everquest community summits bringing his notorious "Loral's Evil Agenda", a list of the top issues effecting Everquest, along with him. Often this document meets with positive feedback, but sometimes not.

In late 2004, Gemdiver, lead editor for Caster's Realm, invited Loral to write editorials for the highly popular Everquest website, Caster's Realm. These articles included news, reviews, guides, and game-wide editorials.

Sony Online Entertainment published two of Loral's stories in their Everquest Newsletter including Recruitment and Warlord's Legacy.

Loral continues to spend his days in the lands of Everquest hunting in the dark shadows of the world and watching the shifting evolution of the world of Norrath.

This website contains nearly 200,000 words of Loral's fiction and non-fiction on and within the world of Everquest. It contains full copies of his articles for Caster's Realm and Mobhunter as well as over sixty short stories.

Loral can be contacted at loral@loralciriclight.com or in-game with ";tell quellious.loral hello!".

Loral's Story

Loral was the son of a jewel dealer, a widower, in the fine city of Felwithe. His father was a good man, but always had an eye out for profit. One day, a strange traveler came in and sold him a magical hammer said to send demons back into hell with one blow. The hammer was a mighty piece and very valuable, but Loral's father had no intention of selling it. One night, a figure came to their door. He was taller than a man, with pale blue skin. When Loral's father approached him, the figure pulled back his hood and introduced himself as the Maestro of Rancor, sent to retrieve the feared weapon for his lord, Innoruuk. Loral's father attacked with the mighty weapon but when he slammed the magic hammer into the demon, the Maestro laughed, embraced Loral's father and they both disappeared into the plane of Hate. Loral never saw his father again.

Now an orphan, Loral was taken in by the local Church of Tunare where he began his life as a priest. He was happy with his duties, but always dreamed of the riches and adventure life had to offer. One day he met a Cleric of Quellious from the far away land of Erudin named Ciric Azilebane along with his long time companion, the wizard Azile Ciricbane. They traded tales of their adventures with the young Loral, telling him of the beauty of the Karanas, the awesome magicks of Erudin and the horrors of Unrest. Loral was enthralled hearing their stories. A month passed, Azile had left for the lands of Raithe, but Ciric had decided it was time to hang up his adventuring boots and settle down. He took Loral under his wing and cultivated his dreams of traveling the lands of Norrath. Time came for Loral to begin his adventures, and on the day of his departure to the dwarven city of Kaladim, Ciric handed him a pack containing all of his old adventuring equipment. Loral doned the armor and wielded Ciric's mighty Shining Star of Light as he left the city to spread the word of Tunare and live the life of an adventurer.

The horrors of seeing his father taken away from this world gave Loral a hatred of all unnatural beasts especially the vile undead that infested the lands. He hunted many moons in the lands of Butcherblock, ridding it of the dwarven skeletons and listening to the tales of the mighty travelers that passed through. It was during this time that he met the group Healers United, a guild who traveled the lands to bring back life and peace in a world of hatred and fear. He knew immediately he had found his place among the members of the guild and did his best to spread the word of Tunare in their name.

Being raised by a jewel dealer gave Loral a keen eye for the marketplace. He traded often at the bazaars and was always quick and keen in the art of the haggle. While his true love and purpose is to spread the will of Tunare, he always enjoys browsing the wares of the Oasis bazaar.

Still the memories of his father being snatched by the demons of hate flooded his mind, keeping him isolated from society. He traveled into the desert of Ro, hoping to chase away these demons that haunted his mind with the ancient techniques taught to him by Ciric and by reading a tome of knowledge known as the Testament of Vanear, a book given to him by Azile, the arch wizard, his traveling protector in the harsh world. While he learned much and became even more powerful as an instrument of Tunare, he still tasted the poison of hate that Innoruuk had left in his life.

Throughout his travels Loral has acquired a powerful collection of magical items and artifacts. For his time in the Halls of Testing, the Claws of Veeshan awarded him with Akkirus's Armor of the Risen, a suit of armor enchanted with the spiritual essence of the dragon-priest Akkirus. His boots are a soft leather colored red from the ooze of a red slime in the depths of the Temple of Cazic Thule. A ring on his right hand acts as a key to the inner sanctum of Emperor Ssraeshza. Loral wears an eyepatch of Torbin modified into a pair of spectacles, one lense shaded blue and the other green giving him ultravision and allowing him to see through invisibility. Around his head is a coil of twisted platnum wire that focuses his thoughts. His primary weapon is the hammer, Daninulaer, one of the spiritual Hammers of Damnation. Loral also carries one of the Water Sprinklers of Nem Ankh, an artifact of the Triumverate that returns life to any fallen ally. Loral carries many items from the outer planes that allow him to better focus and channel Tunare's power.

Two of Loral's other magical items include a bridal of summoning for his Planar horse, Illuminia, and a strange gnomish box that locates the bodies of his comrades to be resurrected later. The grotesque box makes sniffing noises as it points Loral towards his fallen friends.

His most interesting and dangerous item is a Circular Shield of the Blaze possessed or partially possessed by the demon prince Xuzl, a servant of Solusek Ro. The demon-possessed shield protects Loral from almost all fire and channels Loral's energy into a more chaotic and destructive blast. Loral and the trapped demon are often in mental conflict with neither ever gaining the upper hand. While other powers may be embedded in the shield, they have yet to show themselves fully.

The following are summaries of the tales of Loral Ciriclight. More information can be gained by reading the full stories first.

The Fist of Innoruuk

Under the direction of the Church of Tunare and with the help of his new friends, Healers United, Loral traveled to the lands of Kunark in search of the lady Fironia Vie. There he discovered the plots between the great Ring of Scale, the lich-king Venril Sather and the ancient dragon constructs, the Sarnak. With the help of many of Norrath's adventurers, Loral assisted in the slaying of the great Lord Nagafin and the undead poison dragon, Trakanon, as well as an assault on the Plane of Fear, home of the minions of the demon-god Cazic Thule.

During his assaults of the Sarnak Fortress of Ill Omen, Loral learned of a plot against his mentor, Ciric Azilebane. He quickly helped defeat the plotted assassination by killing the Dark Elf General who planned it. During this battle, Loral discovered a dark mace of great power, an ancient artifact of Bloody Kithcor.

Filled with a newfound bloodlust, Loral waged an assault against four powerful figures of the plot against Fironia Vie. Korasal Klyseer, Prince Selrahc Di'Zok, the vampire Xalgoz and Venril Sather himself were killed during the attacks. Still, Loral's vengence was not satisfied with their deaths.

It was discovered by his friends in Healers United, that the dark mace Loral carried was a vehicle of influence for the dark elf god, Innoruuk. With it, he convinced Loral to open a gateway to the Plane of Hate. Convinced he would slay the Avatar of Innoruuk in Antonica's Arena, Loral used ancient magiks discovered in the libraries of Kaesora and Chardok to open the gateway. Innoruuk, knowing he would be victorious in such a battle, planned to invade all of Norrath.

The Healers confronted Loral and told him of Innoruuks plot. Enraged, Loral killed the young cleric Idoru and forced the Healers into combat. Minions of Innoruuk battled the Healers but they were victorious and the dark mace was destroyed. Loral was resurrected by the leader of Healers United, Dahlea, and released from the influence of the dark god.

Haunted by his actions and seeking freedom from the torments of the death of his father, Loral confronted Innoruuk within the Plane of Hate. A great assault was waged against the dark lord and after a bloody battle, the demon god was slain.

War of Ice

Faced with the horrors of his actions and still shaking free the dark influence from his spirit, Loral sought solitude within the icy lands of Velious. Here he befriended the Coldain Dwarves and assisted in their battles against the Ice Giants.

Loral joined in many assaults against the ice giants including some within their city of Kael Drakkal. He soon learned that the giants wished to lay siege to the Plane of Growth, home to Loral's goddess, Tunare. The defeat of the Avatar of Tunare and the poisoning of the lands of Lesser Faydark kept the Elven empire of Felwithe from assisting in the war of Ice. Loral was forced to seek allies with another much more mysterious group, the Claws of Veeshan.

While Azile researched ancient powers of the dragon Hsagra, Loral traveled through the icy lands of the Western Wastes. Here he discovered the great temple of Veeshan, an ancient monument to the crystaline dragon built long before Loral's race ever walked Norrath. Loral was tested by the great dragonkin of the Claws in their Halls of Testing along with many other adventurers who sought the wisdom and strength of the dragons. Loral was given much more than the artifacts rewarded to him after succeeding in the tests, he was given a larger understanding of the ways in which Norrath lives.

Soon, Loral joined with his friend Azile, now one of the most powerful sorceresses in Norrath, and waged a final assault against the city of Kael. Here, assisting the powerful hunter guild, Lotus Cult, Loral witnessed the defeat of both the guardian, Derakor the Vindicator, and the lord of Kael, King Tormax.

Returning home, Loral was rewarded with the title High Priest of Tunare for his actions in protection of the Mother of All. A new mission was given to Loral. To travel through the recently awakened portals to the moon of Luclin and discover what he could of the new lands. Half excited to be visiting such mysterious lands and half understanding the Church's memory of his influence under Innoruuk, Loral accepted and along with his friends, traveled to the moon of Luclin.

Darkness and Light

Accepting the mission of the exploration of the new strange lands, Loral traveled along with many seasoned adventurers to the lands of Luclin. He spent many days in the town of Shadowhaven and purchased a magical bridal that summoned a great magical horse named Illumina. He traveled through the underground passages, wrought with dangerous beasts never seen on Norrath to discover a lush magical land outside the cat city of Shar Val. Little did he know that back on Norrath his barbarian servant and tradesman, Bonescar, had been assassinated.

Loral explored much of the lands of Luclin, joining up with an adventuring party from Healers United. Together they traveled to the canyons of Mons Letalis where they discovered the ruins of once-mighty teleportation spires. Entering a cave at the base of the mountain supporting the great spires they confronted and defeated the spire spirits, the ghosts of long-dead wizards or minions from the plane of shadows, and their ruler, the Spire Lord.

Using a powerful artifact known as the Faithstone of Nature, Loral returned to his hometown of Felwithe and received further instructions from the High Priest of Felwithe, Yeolarn Bronzeleaf. Loral was to return to Luclin and track down a lost Kaoa'dal paladin who had been exploring the ruined temple of the Shissar.

Loral had written a book on Iksar history, a subject he found fascinating regardless of their worship of the faceless god, Cazic Thule. He found their society to be one of once great nobility and impossible hardships. He knew that all the great strength of the three great Iksar empires was due to the horrible conditions of life as slaves to the Shissar. To hear of the discovery of Shissar ruins on Luclin was to hear of a great darkness indeed.

Meeting up with fellow adventurers from the Healers, Loral traveled to the Grey. There he and his friends battled many of the undead and magical creations that scourged the wasteland surrounding the powerful blue temple. In a great battle, they defeated a great clay golem that protected the temple from outside eyes. A few days later, Loral's party disbanded and he went alone into the black mouth of the evil Temple.

As he entered the Temple of Ssraeshza, Loral quickly found himself whisked away by a hunting party of Lotus Cult, the guild of his old friend, the sorceress Azile Ciricbane. The powerful hunters took him down into the mines below the temple where Loral discovered more of the horrors of the Shissar empire and one very dangerous fact. The Shissar were attempting to escape the confines of their temple and once again rule over the known worlds. Once again, Loral used the Faithstone to return home, but this time it didn't work.

The teleportation of the Faithstone was routed by the ancient magics of the serpent rulers and Loral was taken by the Shissar interrogators. For unknown hours the interrogators, led by a great glyphed serpent, sent false memories into Loral's mind. These memories built an entire reality for Loral, all with the intent of distilling his mind and receiving what they could. For what seemed to be a century of life, Loral believed every memory they implanted. Soon, however, a great burning in his had showed him of the false-life and he broke free from the shackles the Shissar held against him. At this same time the hunters of Lotus Cult attacked and killed Loral's captors and he was able to escape to the city of Felwithe via the Faithstone.

Loral returned soon enough with the hunters of Lotus Cult and aided them in their battle against the emperor of the Shissar, the Godslayer, Ssraeshza. In a massive battle combining all known races and religions of Norrath, the hunters defeated the ancient Shissar king and saved Norrath from falling once again into his clutches.

Loral returned to Shadowhaven and spent much of his time in retrospect over all that he had learned. Many great changes he had seen in 100 years of service as an adventurer of Tunare. The fading of the lines between the races being the greatest of them all. No longer did the races kill each other on site, now accepting their differences and even banding together for the greater good of all their kingdoms.

They would need it, for soon opened the doorway to the outer planes and a danger they couldn't begin to expect.

The Outer Planes

Unsure of his place within the Church, the Council of Felwithe sends Loral to investigate the newly discovered gateways to the outer planes. Still tormented by his false memories during his captivity by the Shissar, Loral dives into the outer planes with vigor and assists in many huge battles against younger and older gods alike. His adventures in these outer worlds change Loral, filling him with new power and allowing him to discover many lost and powerful magical artifacts.

One of these artifacts, a shield found in the Tower of Solusek Ro within the Plane of Fire, contains at least a piece of the arch-demon Xuzl, a servant of Solusek Ro. The demon was slain by the raiding party, Lotus Cult, and somehow a piece of the demon's soul was trapped within the shield. Xuzl spoke to Loral in dreams and visions as well as direct conversation, hoping to bargain or force his release upon the world of Norrath where he would surely prosper among the corpses of mortals.

Years later, Loral would trick the demon. He would release the demon within a cavern deep underneith Felwithe, and with the aid of magical and physical bonds, would trap the demon forever.

Today, however, the demon still speaks to Loral, trading power for control.

The Dungeons of the Lost

Under orders of the church, Loral joined those supporting the Wayfarer Brotherhood, a band of adventurers grown rich on a dragon's treasure and discoverers of the lost dungeons of Norrath. Loral joined his friends as they hunted in the lost catacombs of Mistmoore, battling the servants and minions of the vampires.

Together, Loral and his friends faced Aviatis, a vampire lord, deep within the crypts. The vampire's telepathic powers were mighty but Loral's party cut him down in the end. Loral found a strange leatherbound tome among Aviatis's possessions.

Not trusting these Wayfarers and the coincidence of their appearance along with the discovery of these new dangers, Loral extends his spy network to learn more of Mordin Rasp's shady bands.

His theories not withstanding, Loral travels into the depths of Deepest Guk, Rujarkian Hills, and Miragul's Mangerie where the demon Xuzl assists Loral in the destruction of the Fireborn, a demon trapped within Miragul's prisons.

Loral's killing of the vampire lord Aviatis did not go unnoticed. One dark night, a shady figure travels into Felwithe unconfronted. The tall cloaked figure asks for invitation into the home of a member of the Felwithe council, Councleman Alines. Once invited, the figure bonds Alines in blood.

Five hundred years earlier, the demon Xuzl stood on the scorched earth of Tunaria in the fall of the last elven city of the land, Takish Hiz. Five hundred years later, Loral follows the guidance of the Wayfarers and rediscovers the lost lands. Loral sends word back to Felwithe carrying a disturbing message. The elves of Takish Hiz still live, though transformed by their last geomantic spells. Felwithe buries the evidence, knowing that such a discovery would tear Felwithe apart.

Xuzl's power is only matched by his vast knowledge but none of it is used without purpose. Xuzl strikes a deal with Loral revealing a piece of information vital to Loral's entire existance. Loral's father still lives. Discarded from the Plane of Hate after being torn from his own world by the right hand of Innoruuk, the Maestro of Rancor, Tarlin rots in the depths of Torment. Loral forms a rescue party, infiltrates Torment, and recovers his father, Tarlin Trueblade.

Loral takes his father, twisted from the tortures and horror of his time in Torment, to Ciric Azilebane in Qeynos. There he tells Ciric more of Tarlin's capture and eludes to the deal he struck with Xuzl to save his father.

Discord and War

With his father safe in Ciric's hands, Loral travels west to the lands of Taelosia where Mordin Rasp and his Wayfarers have acquired the Grozmok Stone, a powerful and ancient artifact. Xuzl warns Loral that the artifact is beyond dangerous.

Councilman Alines, now under the power of the vampire lord Varlow, sends Loral far from Felwithe. Varlow sends one of his minions, a four hundred year old vampire assassin named Glave, to find and kill Loral in the lands of Taelosia.

With his friends back together again, Loral discovers the lost cities of Taelosia and the scourge of the Muramites - a slave army built from the horrors of the outer worlds. With his friends, Loral travels through the canyons of Vxed and faces a powerful hunter of the Muramites, the Kyv Heartstriker. In a bloody and chaotic battle, Loral's friends return battered but alive.

One evening on the cliffs of Kodtaz, the vampire assassin Glave confronts Loral. Unlike other vampires, Glave relies completely on his telepathic abilities to steal the souls of his victims. Loral, completely outclassed in this telepathic conflict, once again relies on Xuzl's ageless power. Though powerful in telepathy, Glave is no match for Xuzl's infinite mental powers. Xuzl burns the vampire assassin to ash from the inside out. Loral awakes, his friends none the wiser. Loral, however, finds himself deeper in the debt of the demon prince.

War finds Kunark and Felwithe sends Loral to the front lines. There, Loral witnesses the fall of the outpost of Firiona Vie to the forces of Lanys T'Vil including dark elf troops with demonic reinforcements.

Loral learns more of the war of Kunark from his spy, the dark elf Xarrak. Loral learns that Xarrak has a necklace with a strange metal ingot that is able to block the telepathic interference of Xarrak. It is this same metal that Loral will one day use to trap the demon under the catacombs of Felwithe.

Loral travels into the northlands of the Dragons. There he faces the Lair Mistress, a powerful spider of ancient heritage. Another war, however, takes Loral out of the lands of the north and into the wilds of the south to witness the fall of Gukta under the armies of the Grozmok, the most powerful troll to ever walk Norrath.