Mobhunter: The New Mobhunter

Over the past few weeks the tinkering gnomes at Mobhunter installed and tested a new version of the site you so dearly love. Give the New Mobhunter Design a look and try out the new comment system. There were quite a few reasons for a change and the new version offers a few advantages over the previous version including the following:

- Both the homepage and each article should load faster.

- Both the homepage and each article has a simpler design suitable for printing and reading on smaller screens.

- Comments are now flat instead of threaded. Read all new comments at once instead of clicking through the threads.

- The links on the homepage are now updated and easier to maintain.

- The site continues to have the same clean look you appreciate.

- Mobhunter now has both a Really Simple Syndication 2.0 and ATOM newsfeed for headline syndication. For more information about news syndication, read Yahoo's RSS page.

- For you HTML Tech-heads, the site now supports XHTML 1.1, CSS 2.0, and W3C Accessibility guidelines for the disabled.

- The new version includes dynamic space-age knowledge scripts to add 24% more wacky pop-culture references. You'll be wearing your pants backwards and singing "Jump, Jump" before you can spell "Chia-pet".

The comment system will take a little bit of getting used to and we may make changes for the articles that get over fifty comments. Please give it a good test. Assuming we get the kinks smoothed out, we will release the new version in a couple of weeks.

Loral Ciriclight
31 June 2004