Mobhunter: Loral's Declaration of Principles

In the movie Citizen Kane, Charles Foster Kane writes a front page editorial in his newspaper called the "Declaration of Principles". I often thought about what my duty as a writer for Mobhunter includes. What do I offer the readers of these articles? What is my purpose?

I have written forty six articles in the past year. In a few comments over this last year, my objectivity and my purpose are questioned by those who obviously do not agree with my views. While I have little chance of convincing these people that my views are correct, at least I can explain both my purpose and perspective.

So in marking my one year anniversary as a writer for Mobhunter, I offer to you my Declaration of Principles:

I. I will attempt to help players better enjoy Everquest.

II. I will attempt to help Sony Online Entertainment make Everquest a better game.

Some may feel that the purpose of editorials like these are to put the screws to SOE much as a free press keeps a government in check. SOE isn't the government, it's a company with a product. I make the assumption that by reading articles about Everquest, you too enjoy the game. If I did not enjoy this game, I would not bother to write articles about it nor would I expect you to read them.

In order to accomplish the objectives above, I will perform the following actions:

I will write articles and editorials weekly or bi-weekly on the latest Everquest news or topics.

I will write bi-annual "Loral's Evil Agendas" with general suggestions for areas of improvement.

I will offer up several paths for communication from the readers of my articles including emails to, in-game tells to "Loral" on Quellious, and comments on each article.

Here is what I will NOT do:

I will not say something I do not believe.

I will not bash anything or anyone without purpose or reason.

I will not focus on any one class, level range, or style of play. I will attempt to focus on the game as a whole.

I will try not to waste people's time.

In return for my effort on these articles and the time others spend reading them, I ask for something in return. When commenting here on Mobhunter, over at the EQ Live forums, or sending feedback to SOE, consider the following guidelines:

1. When offering feedback, clearly state what problem you have or what solution you desire.

2. Act with the information you possess. Do not use false statistics or misrepresentations of the player base.

3. Speak in detail. Do not overgeneralize.

4. Do not use overdramatic metaphors. Let us toss "slap in the face" and "red headed step child" onto the piles of Gehenna where they belong.

5. Do not write with emotion, speak with facts and detail.

6. Do not use threats. Ever since Furor's "I will leave in 18 days unless you fix Time", everything else pales in comparison.

7. Ask yourself what purpose your note serves or how it will help improve the game. Do not use feedback simply to vent.

8. Avoid overdramatics. SOE doesn't hate you, your playstyle, or your class.

9. Maintain your perspective. Every one of us has important views, but it is only OUR view, not the view of all players. Never assume everyone is just like you.

10. Remember that this is a game. It isn't a civil rights movement. It isn't the federal, state, or local government. Remember that you vote with your dollar.

In the movie Citizen Kane, Charles Foster Kane states that he will act as a champion of the people to protect their rights as citizens and as human beings. No one person in the Everquest community can act as this champion. No Everquest player requires such a champion.

Every one of us acts as our own champion. We vote with our dollar. We have multiple vehicles to offer feedback. Do not look to any one person or group to act as your champion. Act as your own champion and tell SOE exactly what you want.

Loral Ciriclight
24 February 2005