Report 2: Warlord Bortar

* The following is found on a note of tanned vellum written in black ink in small economic handwriting *

High Priest Yeolarn of Tunare,

Though unable to defeat Ithiasor, the black dragon of the Swamp, I learned that others had faced and defeated this great wyrm. I was correct in my assumptions of this Veslin Savok. It appears he was an agent or mercenary of the trolls of Grobb. Veslin accepted this chest from the proud slayers of Ithiasor and promptly delivered it to the troll instigators of Grobb.

Our Felwithian spies are not the only ones in search of information.

Froglok agents of Gukta also watch the shadows to protect their new and unstable city. One of these agents sought adventurers to recover this chest from the trolls of Neriak; no easy task.

I accepted.

I traveled through the dark forest of Nektulos to the doors of Neriak itself. The Tier'Dal Dragoons have grown weak in recent days and I was able to easily dispatch them. I used to question such actions but in this age of war, such actions come easy. I met with five fellow adventurers, old friends I have hunted with in the far lands. Canerit the monk, Lord Garmok the Warlord, Yridian the Vah Shir Beastlord, Amril the elven warrior, and Kanadrix the mage. Amril was critical in learning of the Guktan spies and acquiring the layout of the troll stronghold inside Neriak.

We took little time in our small but powerful attack. My companions, experienced in battle against the Muramite legions and demons of the lower planes, took little time in cutting down the guards of Neriak's foreign quarter. We traveled quickly to the south into the slums of the trolls. It was there we realized how powerful these troll usurpers had become.

They fought with a fury never seen within the walls of Neriak. They fought with strange weapons, some not seen in thousands of years. The weapons and magics contained within that ancient chest were powerful indeed. The blades of the trolls cut deep. Three times the trolls sent us running back into the forests of Neriak.

Our fourth attack, however, delivered our victory. Using chaos as our own weapon, we managed to separate the overlord of the troll resistance, Warlord Bortar, from his advisor and personal guard. We battled him at the gates of Neriak.

Even alone the warlord fought like ten men. Bortar smashed Garmok, an ogre of nearly five hundred stone, against the ebony walls. He cut deep gashes into the stone floor with his enchanted axe. Only with our combined strength did the warlord fall. Garmok's runed blade spilled black blood from a deep wound in Bortar's side.

We returned the chest to a Froglok conspirator outside of Neriak and received little more than a word of thanks for our efforts. The spy network of Guktan keeps its lips as sealed as our own.

I do not know if the slaying of Warlord Bortar will prevent the troll uprising. A people can only be repressed for so long before they grow strong and vindictive.

I will continue my search for information and continue my actions towards the safety of Felwithe. Many others have joined in our cause. While it is my greatest hope that the council of Felwithe will see to the defense of our city, I will not depend on it. The mercenaries and adventurers of Felwithe have saved us before, once again they are our greatest hope.

Loral Ciriclight
Hand and Eye of Tunare
Seventh day of the Month of the Harvest Moon, 3202 PD.