Report 6: The War of Antonica

An article Submitted to the Felwithian Sub-council of Knowledge for Approval.

The War of Antonica

Steel boots tear into the earth of the Karanas. A blood-red cloud of dust rises over the desert of Ro. From as far away as Qeynos and the High Keep, we can feel the stomping march of Ykesha's army.

Scouts and spies watch the armies as they progress across the lands; one army to the east and one to the west. They see sharp blades in the leather gauntlets of grim and fierce trolls, dark elves, and ogres. They see a shadow on the rocks silhouetted against a burning sky holding a curved blade high. The warlord, Ykesha, shouts orders as he did two thousand years ago. He shouts of blood and vengeance.

Militias mobilize while citizens flee into the walls of their cities. One by one the cities of Freeport and Rivervale and High Pass sigh in relief as the dark armies cross their doorstep but turn south to the wetlands of Antonica. They turn to Gukta.

An old farmhand of Antonica, separated from the news of the lands, watched in horror as the army marched across his farms. While he and his family hid in a moldy cellar, the armies tore up his crops with their barbed boots. He saw their gauntleted hands gripping the thick handles of wide double-bladed axes. He saw their sharpened teeth gritting in anticipation of war. He knew what woudl happen to his family if they saw him. He sighed with relief when they had crossed the river to South Karana.

Many Norrathians build up a vision of the troll armies in their heads. They see large masses of tall and powerful trolls fighting in lines against steel-armored warriors and paladins of the cities of light. They do not see the details. They don't see those wide-bladed axes cleaving through plates of steel and into flesh and bone. They don't see young men dying of infected wounds under the burning heat of Ro. They don't see the starvation, looting, and disease of the cities left to die in the wake of such an army.

Felwithe does not see this. We saw our own men dying in Greater Faydark under the rusted blades and axes of Crushbone. Now we read of the wars to the west in the comfort of our homes. Outside, legions of our guards stand watch in shining steel. We wish there were something we could do to help, but we will not send our troops across the Ocean of Tears to help defend those who need it.

Gukta may soon be stomped into the ground with every living Guktan murdered in their streets. The brothers of Marr will fall under the iron gauntlet of Ykesha. Armies of barbarian mercenaries will be cut down defending a people they do not know while we discuss the war with our friends and drink our sweet wine.

We must mobilize. We must call upon our generals to mobilize and travel across the seas. We must defend our allies and ourselves from the armies of Ykesha. We must not sit back and read of Ykesha's victory over Antonica while we sit behind our walls and hope it will go away.

It is time for the colors of Tunare to once again march across Antonica.

- Aluvin Windwhisperer, The Royal Herald

Minister's Note: The preceding article is marked as deceptive, hostile, non-compliant, disruptive, aggravating, and contrary to the words of our king and the council of Felwithe. It has been disapproved for dissemination. Any release, display, discussion, or transfer of this record will be met with the strongest of penalties.

Dalavin Willowleaf - Chief Knowledge Minister of Felwithe