Mobhunter: Two Contests and the Lost Files of Moorgard

Last week, in order to test a theory and add a bit of fun, I announced the official Mobhunter Spirit Shroud contest. Here are the details:

Mobhunter's Spirit Shroud Contest!

Take yourself and five friends, switch to level 70 spirit shrouds of any type, and go defeat the Creator Dragons of Norrath mission. Send me a single screenshot of you and your five friends in spirit shroud form, an inventory window to show me your level, a /who in your chatbox to show me the level, class, and race of your group's shrouds, and the body of the dead creator. This should all be in a single screenshot. Email the screenshot to in jpg format.

If you are the first to send me this screenshot, you will win a brand new copy of God of War for the Playstation 2, this year's best action / adventure game.

Now on to the second contest:

Mobhunter's Red Cross iPod Shuffle Giveaway!

Support for those affected by Hurricane Katrina is still greatly needed. Visit the Red Cross homepage and donate $20 or more to the Katrina relief effort. Forward me a copy of your Red Cross donation receipt and your name will go into a raffle for a 1gb iPod Shuffle player. The shuffle is slightly used but in fine working order. On November 15th 2005, I will have someone draw a name out of a hat filled with all of the $20 or more Red Cross receipts to find a winner for the 1GB iPod Shuffle player. You may only submit one donation per name and address.

So donate today. Help those who need our aid and perhaps win a fine mp3 player at the same time.

Now for our last bit of news, the Lost Scrolls of Moorgard!

In the late hours of the evening, when the blackness of of night was absolute, I found myself hunched over my writing table scrawling out this article on sheets of parchment with a large quill. A whisper brought my head up from my words, slipping through the ancient halls of Castle Mobhunter. I picked up my candelabra dripping hot red wax onto the oak table, gathered my monk's robes about me, and with trepidation, followed the strange whisper.

The whisper led deep into the lower vaults of the castle, revealing halls and rooms I had never before seen, halls lost to the current residents of the castle. The whisper traveled further until it led to a huge oak door banded with steel and marked with a great M. I pushed on the door and felt an ancient latch break free. The door swung open.

A room filled with dust and cobwebs held nine large pots. I lifted the heavy lid off of one of these pots and felt old stale air escape for the first time in centuries. Inside were sheaves of lambskin bound and tied in thick covers of leather. I untied it, feeling the twine turn to dust under my fingers, and read the first page. Suddenly understanding dawned on me. I had found the Lost Scrolls of Moorgard!

From September 25th, 2000 until August 16th 2003, Moorgard wrote over four hundred articles for Mobhunter. These articles entertained and informed thousands over the years. They helped steer Everquest into a new age. Now these articles, once thought lost forever, have been found.

These articles document the history of Everquest from the times of Kunark to the times of the Planes of Power. Follow Everquest back through its history from the eyes of Everquest's best editorial writer.

Loral Ciriclight
17 October 2005