Mobhunter: Breaking News: Serpent's Spine Announced

The Everquest website recently posted some initial information on the Serpent's Spine, the twelfth Everquest expantion.

View the official Everquest homepage for this intial information or the Mobhunter capture of the information.

The new race, a draconic race known as the Drakkin, was one big surprise. Most of the other information we heard at the last Everquest Fan Faire including a level increase to level 75 and content that will take a new player from level 1 to 75.

Recapping some of the information we gleaned from exhausted and inebriated designers at the last Fan Faire we know that the expansion will be mostly static content with a larger set of base zones and fewer instances. We will also see a new starting city called Crescent Reach.

No date has yet been given for the release.

While initial details are sketchy, I expect we will hear more over the next few days.

Loral Ciriclight
10 July 2006