Chapter 63: An Old Elf Moves On

In a small room underneath Tovarich's Venom in the city of Felwithe, an old elf stares into a dying fire before penning common script onto a sheaf of parchment.

To the Healers United,

Six years ago a noble barbarian named Wildar and I sat at the Butcherblock docks and discussed topics I would hold dear for the rest of my days. That night he invited me to the Healers United and it changed my life.

For six years I served the Healers proudly every day. I served as officer, recruitment coordinator, and elder. I served under four guild leaders.

Dangers grow around Norrath and for most of my life I have studied and chased these dangers. Yet the time has come for me to find the sources of these threats.

To do this, I must remove my golden brooch and step down from Healers United.

I had never expected to pen these words and they fill me with sadness. I am also filled with the knowledge that the Healers will continue to aid adventurers in need for a long time. Lord Jardow leads Healers United into a bright future as Dahlea and Juror had done in the past.

I will not say goodbye as many who walked the path onto which I soon travel have returned to the Healers. I will also continue my interest in the guild. My agent, Varik, remains within Healers United.

While I lay my Healers United badge down, I will always hold it in my heart.

Loral Ciriclight
The Hand of Tunare