A New Daily Checklist

by Mike Shea on 11 March 2016

A new daily checklist inspired by Richard Serra.

Read books. Listen to books. Read for pleasure.

Write 500 words a day. Write code. Write stories. Write letters to friends. Write to my future self.

Walk 10,000 steps a day. Walk the dog. Walk with Michelle. Walk the mall. Walk in the woods. Walk at the farm.

Eat healthy. Eat under 2,200 calories a day. Eat under 60 carbohydrates at a meal and under 25 carbohydrates for a snack.

Touch the lives of my friends and family. Stay in touch with friends, old and new. Touch the hearts of others gently.

See through other peoples' eyes. See without judgement or conclusion. See what's really there, not what I think I see.

Play games. Play games with friends and family. Play with technology. Play throughout my life.

Love my wife. Love my family. Love my friends. Love myself. Love our world.