About Mike Shea

by Mike Shea on 20 May 2000

Updated 23 February 2018

Michael Erik Shea is a writer, gamer, and Python programmer living in Vienna, Virginia. Mike is the son of Yvonne Shea and Robert Joseph Shea, author of Illuminatus! and other novels.

Mike is a huge Dungeons & Dragons nerd. He runs Sly Flourish, a website and twitter feed dedicated to building better D&D Dungeon Masters. Mike wrote and self-published a number of RPG and D&D related books including Sly Flourish's Dungeon Master Tips, Running Epic Tier D&D Games, The Lazy Dungeon Master, Aeon Wave, Fantastic Locations, and Fantastic Adventures. He also wrote freelance articles for Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Press, Pelgrane Press, Sasquach Games, and others. You can see a full directory of Mike's D&D and RPG publications here.

In the past, Mike wrote home theater and DVD reviews at LiquidTheater.com and editorials and fan fiction for the massive online game, Everquest, at LoralCiriclight.com.

Long ago Mike also wrote a few books including Seven Swords and Vrenna and the Red Stone and Other Tales. Mike also writes short stories.

Mike also loves to program in Python. You can find some of his code hosted at Github.

Mike can be contacted most often through email at mike@mikeshea.net and on Twitter at @slyflourish.

You can download an entire copy of Mike's websites with his Life Backup.

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